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Holy bows and and arrows batman…. I havent posted in months.. We’ve been busy cranking away on the game and I just forget to do this…. You know Devin has a login for this too. Just sayin’.

So lots and lots of stuff…. I need to stretch these posts out so I’ll start from where I left off, or maybe I’ll change the date on the posts so it looks like I wasnt slacking off.
We have been playing the game just about everynight. I think its a lot of fun. It must be because we still like to play it. Some things we have learned so far:

  1. You will get a spear to the head.
  2. Its entirely possible to be frozen while burning to death.
  3. Poison VR arrows can make you not-VR throw up.
  4. I love explosives.
  5. My shoulders hurt.

I leave you with a jester that laughs crazily as he runs at you with explosives.


Until next time.

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