By July 14, 2017Dev Blog

We have started working on the shop… ┬áDevin and I both hate doing UI work. Its just boring. Admittedly creating a UI in VR is not as bad as the standard 2D button setup, but its still not very exciting.

I’m leaning towards a carousel with each of the selected category items (gauntlets, helmets, armor, bows, shields, arrows, etc) rotating around and the currently active item attached to a player model in front of you…

If history is any indication I will find a major flaw with this idea when I’m 90% finished with it.

Devin has a new path/waypoint system built and in the game. The NPCs fire back at you, throw axes, scream at you and cause general mayhem now. The mana system is in and has added a lot to the game. Theres more strategy to it than just hurling arrows as fast as you can. I think the PvP gametype will be awesome with this addition. Maybe add some items in the map that boost your mana when shot….? Hmmmm.




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