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Opened the gates on the Beta testing this week! I couldnt be happier with the results, we’ve met some awesome people (and developers) and we are getting some really great useful feedback. We are making several tweaks to the Vive controller setup based on your comments. Devin has added several options to the settings menu so you can tweak the HUD to suit your playstyle. I revamped the main menu with something that fits into the theme of the game, and we added a new map. Swing by our facebook page and Like and Share!
*** Rift and Vive owners: If you want a Beta Key drop by our Discord server and say hi to me (Anim8) or Devin (Daggada), let us know you saw the Facebook post and we will get you a key.***

I’m pretty steamed about this….

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So finally, Steam approved us after a month of waiting. Evidently, their validation process is handled by the same team that does documentation for their code………………………………

Devin got the latest build uploaded and we are sending out keys to test the alpha. So far the feedback has been really positive and we’ve made a few changes based on the comments.

If you want to get in on the action, jump in our Discord channel and chat with us a while.

Its GIF not JIF!

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Graphics Interchange Format….. Graphics… “G” sound. Why do people pronounce it JIF? Its not peanutbutter…..
Anyway here are a few jreat jifs for you to enjoy… I hope you find them to be jood.


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Working on giant flying bugs and icons this week. I went full hand painted originally and then remembered we need icons for the quiver… I need to practice anyway?


So now all the arrows have icons that we can use in the loadout screen and on the quiver and other places.


Giant mosquitos next……..


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Holy bows and and arrows batman…. I havent posted in months.. We’ve been busy cranking away on the game and I just forget to do this…. You know Devin has a login for this too. Just sayin’.

So lots and lots of stuff…. I need to stretch these posts out so I’ll start from where I left off, or maybe I’ll change the date on the posts so it looks like I wasnt slacking off.
We have been playing the game just about everynight. I think its a lot of fun. It must be because we still like to play it. Some things we have learned so far:

  1. You will get a spear to the head.
  2. Its entirely possible to be frozen while burning to death.
  3. Poison VR arrows can make you not-VR throw up.
  4. I love explosives.
  5. My shoulders hurt.

I leave you with a jester that laughs crazily as he runs at you with explosives.


Until next time.


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We have started working on the shop…  Devin and I both hate doing UI work. Its just boring. Admittedly creating a UI in VR is not as bad as the standard 2D button setup, but its still not very exciting.

I’m leaning towards a carousel with each of the selected category items (gauntlets, helmets, armor, bows, shields, arrows, etc) rotating around and the currently active item attached to a player model in front of you…

If history is any indication I will find a major flaw with this idea when I’m 90% finished with it.

Devin has a new path/waypoint system built and in the game. The NPCs fire back at you, throw axes, scream at you and cause general mayhem now. The mana system is in and has added a lot to the game. Theres more strategy to it than just hurling arrows as fast as you can. I think the PvP gametype will be awesome with this addition. Maybe add some items in the map that boost your mana when shot….? Hmmmm.




Its just a flesh wound………

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Multiplayer is working well, Devin got most of the kinks worked out. We started on making the NPCs travel from their spawn to a destination point. Unity’s navmesh has proved to be a less than perfect solution to something that would seem to be so simple….. but we are working around it. Things are moving along, we can shoot and kill enemies now. I’ve worked on a few sounds for arrow hits and effects as well as some visuals. I’m starting to see what this is going to be and Im still stoked about it.


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Devin got the networking code in last night and we ran a few tests. Its looking good, really making progress here. Next up,….. shooting each other. Stay tuned.